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Original Architecture

The distinctive architecture & design of the complex invited visitors to experience a unique complex from the very beginning. El Guarapo was built in 1987. Luis Díaz Feria, a renowned local architect, designed a small, intimate complex combining traditional island architecture and the latest modern practices. He proposed different whitewashed structural units connected with the organic flow of garden areas and a swimming pool.

Elegant Interior design

Recently renovated interiors of our apartment suites bear elegant and fresh design. Interior architect Skaidra Žeižytė created it in collaboration with a local team.
As a result, many furnishings were custom-designed to reveal the beauty of simple materials. Interior spaces have a subtle play of grey and olive tones with bright details. The focus was to create a comfortable familiarity with used and sustainable materials.

Moreover, the common spaces at El Guarapo combine original lithography, oil paintings by Spanish and International artists. At the same time, the central Reception table’s unique yet minimal ornamental design pays tribute to local volcanic material. Also, Bali’s oil paintings and a collection of original vintage posters by Alexander Calder, Joan Miró, Karl Appel or Elsworth Kelly give each apartment its individual feel.

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